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      Places available within 100 kms :         

Collectotate Building,Gopalganj

Collectorate Building,Gopalganj


a.    Collectorate Building,Gopalganj :










b.National Informatics Centre,Gopalganj :











C.Thawe Durga Mandir.

Thawe Durga Mandir Gate

Thawe Durga Mandir Gate



ThaweDurgaMandir  (IN)










National Informatics Centre,Gopalganj


d.     Gopal Mandir, (Hathuwa)


Gopal Mandir ,Hatua

GopalMandir (In)


Gopal Mandir ,Hatua







Ram Seeta

Ram Seeta Mandir, Gopalganj






Ram Seeta Mandir,Gopalganj

Ram Seeta Mandir


e.Ram Sita Mandir.










f:Shiv Mandir


Shiv Mandir , Gopalganj

Shiv Mandir











g : Panch Mandir

Panch Mandir, Gopalganj

Panch Mandir














h.    Killa,Hathuwa.


















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